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Racine Theatre Guild
2519 Northwestern Ave.
Racine, WI 53404
262-633-4218 box office



Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
The box office is open weekdays from 12 to 6 p.m. On weekends with productions, the box office is open 90 minutes before curtain through intermission.

Can I reserve over the phone?
Yes, you can reserve tickets and pay with a credit card.

Can I put tickets on hold and pay later?
We will hold tickets for up to three days without payment. After three days, if payment is not made, the tickets will be released.

Can I pay at the door?
You may purchase tickets at the door, and most often they are available (check with the box office); however, you may not reserve tickets in advance and pay for them at the door.

What if I buy a ticket and then have a conflict and can’t attend?
We have a liberal exchange policy. As long as you call to release your seat prior to the performance, we can exchange your ticket or, if that proves impossible, we send you a letter, for tax purposes, acknowledging the donation of your ticket to the theatre.

Bad weather is on the way, so will you be cancelling the performance?
No, the RTG does not cancel or reschedule performances due to inclement weather. You may exchange your tickets if you prefer to come at another time. You must call the box office prior to the performance. After a performance has taken place, tickets have no value and cannot be exchanged.

What is the minimum age for the senior discount?

What ages are eligible for the student rate?
21 and under, whether or not the person is actually a student.

What is the minimum quantity for a group?
Group rates begin at a quantity of 12. The larger the group, the greater the discount given.
When I order online, why can’t I get discounts (for seniors, students, subscribers, groups)?
Our online ticketing system isn’t yet sophisticated enough to handle discounts. All online tickets are processed at the adult nonsubscriber rate. This is clearly stated on our website, just before you begin the ordering process. A convenience fee also applies to online orders. To get the discounts and avoid the fee, call 262-633-4218 to place your order. Please note, the box office is unable to adjust orders placed online.

I blocked tickets online, and now I can’t get back to them. What happened?
If you block tickets and then leave that page to check the seating chart on our website, you will not be able to get back to those seats. ¬†They will be blocked for 20 minutes. Next time, view the seating chart without getting out of the program, by clicking where it says, “click here to refer to seating map.”

Can I order season tickets or register for classes online?
No, but you can print the order forms from our website to fill out and return to RTG by mail, fax or email scan.

What are flex passes?
Coupons that you exchange for tickets to RTG main-stage plays and musicals. Flex passes are sold in packs of 5, 6, 7 and 8. There are no restrictions on their use, so you may redeem them all at one performance, use them one at a time, or share with friends. Purchasers of flex passes are considered season ticket holders and are entitled to discounts on additional tickets purchased throughout the season.

Are there different prices for different seating areas in the auditorium?
No, all seats are equal. There are different prices, however, depending on performance time, play vs. musical, and age of ticket holder, and for subscribers and groups.

Which are the best seats?
In our opinion, they’re all good seats. ¬†Ours is a thrust stage, with the audience seated on three sides in five sections. There are no obstructions.

How do I reserve a headset for the hearing enhancement system?
We do not take advance reservations for these. When you arrive, simply go to the concession stand and sign out a unit. There is no charge.

Do you sell food and beverages?
Yes, concessions are sold in the lobby before curtain and during intermission. We offer a variety of candy bars and nuts, cookies, soda, bottled water, wine and beer.

Can I bring food and drink into the auditorium?
You may bring in bottled water, but nothing else during RTG and RCT play performances. Concessions are allowed in the auditorium for Jean’s Jazz Series, Comedy Tonight and some special events.

What restaurants are in the area?
We recommend the restaurants advertising in our playbill: Corner House ( and Yardarm ( There are other restaurants within 10 minutes of the theatre that are downtown and on Highway 20.

Do you pay actors?
No. Nearly all of the people involved with productions are volunteers.

How do I volunteer?
There are forms in the brochure rack at the entrance to our building, or simply call the box office, or shoot us an email to get started.

How do I audition for a play?
RTG has open auditions and does not pre-cast. Experience is not required. Come at the announced time, fill out a card, and the director will have you read from the script. These are cold readings. You may pick up a script in advance to get familiar with characters and plot. A $10 refundable deposit is charged when you take a script out of the building.

How do I audition for a musical?
Except for small musicals, you need to make an appointment to audition. There will be up to nine other people scheduled at your time. Musical auditions have three components: singing, acting and dancing. You must prepare a song and bring the sheet music with you for our accompanist. When you arrive for your audition, you’ll fill out an information card. When the audition begins, you’ll first be called to sing your selected song. After everyone in your group has sung, the director will ask you to read from the script. You will likely be asked to read several roles. Finally, you’ll proceed to another area for the group dance audition. The choreographer will teach your group a short routine. Formal dance training is not required. You may be called back for a second audition. Normally, the director will notify you within a week as to whether or not you’ve been cast.

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